Customized Active Shooter Training

JDM tactical has taken the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT from Homeland Security to a higher level.

If and when your company/group is INTERESTED and READY for a unique (military style) Active Shooter Training Course, then JDM Tactical is the company to call!

We can provide firearm safety and medical training to your emplyees.  As a company owner you have the opportunity and responsibility to identify what employees you want to be armed (if any). All the laws and regulations will be provided to help you make this serious decisions.

Additional training programs JDM Tactical can provide are medical skills for non-medical personnel.  Most companies/groups DO NOT go far enough to train any type of medical interventions.  It is another step to train for self-aid / buddy aid to save your life and others. CPR certification is also offered (good for 2 years from the American Heart Association).

JDM Tactical personnel have trained in military careers with the mentality of training as they fight.  We now bring that same mentality to you.  At the end of your customized training, we will simulate a live action scenario, that is as close to the real thing as possible.  This scenario will observe how your personnel reacts to stress like being under gunfire.  Actors with real like wounds with fake blood, and simulated gun and explosion sounds will be used.

So if you are ready to prepare your organization with gun safety and your peace of mind that your chosen personnel are always on duty to protect just contact JDM TACTICAL and leave the rest to us!

"Always Be Prepared"