Butler Creek 16123 Bino Caddy Binocular Harness Universal Elastic Black

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The Bino Caddy doesn't just eliminate pressure on your neck, it all but eradicates the feeling of carrying binoculars altogether. The Bino Caddy distributes weight in an X across the shoulders with elastic straps and keeps your optics secure against your chest for bounce-free wear. The high-quality elastic stretches for easy viewing and has a quick disconnect design. The downward pressure offers enhanced stability and creates zero weight on your neck. The Bino Caddy is excellent for hunters, bird watchers and sports fans.

Type Binocular Harness
Color Black
Material Elastic
Size One Size
Model Shoulder Harness
Finish Matte
Model Fit Universal
Mount Type Around the Shoulder
Belt Size
Shell Count 0
Caliber or Gauge
Compartments 0

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