About Us

"Our Mission"

Providing realistic and quality training for you and your family to overcome and survive a potentially deadly encounter. A family approach for all your firearm needs. If there is a firearm in your home everyone needs the training to be safe especially your children.

Our History:

Mike the founder of JDM Tactical is a 20-year military veteran, was a combat medic serving in the US Army and US Air Force. He has experienced multiple deployments during Operation Enduring Freedom and was awarded the "Air Force Achievement Medal" for saving a Soldier from a critical leg wound. He continued his medical education and career path earning a nursing license. Mike achieved the Defense Department Instructor status and trained hundreds of service members in weapons and medical survival training.

JDM Tactical has been born out of a 20-year military experience and a passion for gun safety and helping people. The company is a family-oriented training concept keeping gun safety at the forefront. If you own a gun, safety and responsibility are essential. A gun owner may have the knowledge, but may not have a positive attitude for the 3 fundamental safety rules, which can lead to accidents. It only takes one accident to change a family's life forever. Guns are NEITHER safe nor unsafe by THEMSELVES. Regardless of your stance on guns and gun control laws, we at JDM believe all gun owners or potential gun owners should be properly educated and prepared.

Along with weapons training, JDM offers specialized medical training which can save your life and others when needed. In an emergency situation EVERY SECOND COUNTS. Our CLS (Civilian Life Savers) course will teach you how to perform self-aid and buddy aid. Hopefully, you will never need to use these skills but as our motto states,

"Always Be Prepared"

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"Always Be Prepared"