All Deposits go towards the total of the course!

Online Subscription

Our new online course will allow you to ask questions and allow you to continue to train while we have social distancing in effect. This is a $15 monthly subscription. With this subscription you will receive additional savings in our online shop, and courses we offer in the future.

Basic Pistol Course

Our BPC course is an 8hr in-depth course with lots of hands on and range time. Others offer shorter courses, but we believe SAFETY is in education!  This is a longer class to teach you all the basics. The cost for this course is $125.00 per person.  A deposit of $50.00 will be applied to the total cost.

Intro to Every Day Carry (E.D.C)

Now that you have your concealed permit NOW What? This course goes over how to carry a firearm on you properly, and more importantly how to draw and fire your weapon safely and during stress. Course total $250 with a deposit of $100. This is an all day shooting and moving course! You must have a CCP or have taken a Basic Pisto Course to attend. A min of 500 rounds for this class, 2 magazines, and a holster. 

Civilian Life Savers (C.L.S)

Most people don't think of the medical side. We will teach you life saving techniques that have been proven to save lives. This course is $275.00 with a deposit on $100.00 that gets applied to the total cost of the course.

1 on 1 Private Sessions

Get personalized training to help you improve on the basics to elevate your shooting to the next level. Each person is very different, but the basic 5 fundamentals remain the same.    

  1. Aiming
  2. Breath control
  3. Hold control
  4. Trigger control
  5. Follow through