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Firearms Training

Firearms Training Wellington

Concealed Carry Permits

NRA approved course:              

Basic Pistol

Basic Rifle

Basic Shotgun

In The Home defense

Out of the Home defense

Medical Training

NEW: Classroom Life Savers - This course is designed for Schools in an active shooter scenario. If you work for a school and are interested please contact us.

Civilian Life Saver (CLS) and IV class - with a physical and mental realistic exercise to put your knowledge and new skills to the test.

CPR - for medical and non medical personnel


Group Training

Private and group firearms or medical sessions available upon request. If you're a business owner and interested in training your staff to be CPR qualified, we can come to your place of business too! We also offer a CWP (concealed weapons permit) class for groups.  Call us for more details today.



Today's world is a frightening place that is forever changing. Just turn on the news and watch the horrors that happen all over the world.

We believe it's everyone's right to protect themselves and their family. Owning a gun is every American's right, but with that right comes great responsibility. Too many gun owners don't even know the basics of owning a gun. At JDM Tactical we feel a family must be educated on gun safety "and yes that is including your children." Quality firearms training is a must. We feel strongly that a 2-3 hour concealed firearms class is not enough time, especially when this can change you and your family's lives forever.

Even if you don't want firearms training, we feel strongly that everyone should have some medical knowledge to save your life or your family's life. Especially in today's world with all the active shootings that take place. You just never know when you need this type of training. Gun safety and medical knowledge go hand in hand. We use proven techniques the military uses today. For more information please contact us and start getting better trained today.

"Always Be Prepared"